For the World with
Diverse Individualities

Under this vision, we utilize human power to resolve challenges in businesses and societies.

Even though different eras bring changes and technology develops,
humans are always at the base of everything.

We believe it is the individuality and capability of each and every person that will create the next era.

About Us

We will add diversity to the value of work and extend the possibility of work.

There are many talents with outstanding careers and experiences who are hidden in the stagnant industries and business fields. Plus W is earnest in creating opportunities for these human resources and in generating “a new circulation” that will be a plus for organizations and workers alike.

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Our Business

Plus W is currently focusing on domestic and international recruiting business.
We build a network of overseas advanced IT workers and diverse domestic professionals
for second jobs and parallel works. We do it to lead organizations and businesses
into the next growth stage by introducing outstanding human resources.
Our support is flexible depending on your challenges and desires.