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About Us

Message from the CEO

In Japan, the declining birth rate and an aging population have been shrinking the labor population. I see it as a huge challenge for businesses. However, instead of just painting a grim picture of the current situation, I set up Plus W to resolve this problem positively.

Our world is confronted with a need to change, and our era is changing at a lightning speed.

I feel it is necessary for organizations and workers to think outside the box and always keep exploring the best way to work.

There are many talents with outstanding careers and experiences who are hidden in the stagnant industries and business fields. Plus W is earnest in creating opportunities for these human resources and in generating “a new circulation” that will be a plus for organizations and workers alike.

We will add diversity to the value of work and extend the possibility of work.

Japan and the world have been burdened with multiple challenges. To bring a bright future to businesses, I would like to send a wave from where I am that will transform organizations and societies by utilizing the borderless power of each and everyone. May all the wishes to work be honored.

Founder and CEO

Wakako Sakurai


For the World with Diverse Individualities

Our goal is a social circulation, the power to support organizations and societies,
where all wishes to work are honored in various ways.
We will pursue and realize this vision not only in Japan
but also in the global environment.


Diversify the value of work

Extend the possibility of work

Keep asking what it means to work

Board Members

Wakako Sakurai

Founder and CEO

Wakako Sakurai

In her 20s, Sakurai recognized early signs of Japan’s declining birth rate and aging population and subsequent overwhelming labor shortage as well as the intensifying recruitment war for domestic talents. She started up a global recruitment company, has learned international talent exchange and the know-how, and developed a vision for the future.
She, then, joined by ABC Cooking Studio Inc., the largest cooking class in Japan with over 100 studios and 4500 employees nationwide. After serving as an area chief director, Sakurai was promoted to a human resource director, where she trained workers and designed a HR system, involved new graduates and mid-career recruiting. Appointed as president in 2013, she extended the business into China, Hongkong, and other Asian countries and directed the hiring and e of local staff.
In 2017, she joined NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Currently, she serves as a Senior Vice President. Serving also as a board member of Oisix ra Daichi Inc., Sakurai wanted to start the business she had been aiming for since her 20s and founded Plus W, Inc. in May 2020. She plans for mobilization and activation of domestic workers by promoting second jobs and parallel works as well as dispatching advanced global human resources to Japanese corporations. Sakurai aspires to contribute to rapidly aging Japan through recruiting business.

Takashi Horiuchi

Executive Vice President, COO

Takashi Horiuchi

He joined Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and handled corporate-wide transformation, new business development, data management, planning and executing digital marketing for domestic and global information-communication companies as well as consumer industries, and M & A for global corporations for more than 10 years. Horiuchi also served as a core member of Technology Advantage, leading the organization of a data analytics / AI team. Then, he joined to Accenture to be in charge of DX strategy and human resource / organizational development for new business development.
Horiuchi was also a leader in recruiting and training of new or female employees and global workers. He spearheaded reforming recruiting process, expanding trainings, designing hiring goals and selection flow, planning and executing internships. He contributed to the training of employees as a career advisor and to their career planning.
He became an advocate of Sakurai’s vision and decided to join Plus W upon its establishment.

Talent Business Management

Takuya Honjo

Corporate Officer

Takuya Honjo

He joined DeNA and was in charge of recruiting new graduates in the HR department, worked on many recruiting strategy proposals and plans, and experienced a position to supervise a whole project. He has actually hired more than 1,000 people and has greatly contributed to the acquisition and development of capable human resources who will drive the growth of the company.
In addition, he turned to an engineer position at DeNA, experienced the development and operation of web services, and became a manager of the organizational development department of the game and entertainment division. At the same time, he was also responsible for mid-career recruitment and engaged in organizational development such as designing internal sideline systems. With these experiences, he has a wealth of personal connections in the Digital Transformation area and knowledge of human resource recruitment, training, and organizational design.
After that, he served as CHRO at several startups and served as a bridge between the front-line employees and the management team. Leading talent acquisition, development, and organizational strategy formulation and implementation, making significant contributions to business growth during periods of rapid expansion and growth-specific organizational challenges.
In 2022, he joined Plus W and strives to contribute to resolving the shortage of human resources at companies, mainly by utilizing side jobs and multiple jobs talents.

Global Business Management

Hiroyuki Shiono

Manager of Global Business Department
Head of Pakistan Japan Centre

Hiroyuki Shiono

He majored in Computer Science at a college in the United States. After graduating, he joined a DeepTech startup based in Los Angeles, serving as a Computer Vision Research Engineer. His roles included research and development in state-of-the-art image recognition and generative AI, collaborative AI research with a Japanese enterprise, and involvement in web application development.
Simultaneously, he worked as an AI Engineer/Data Scientist for startups in Japan and the United Arab Emirates, developing business analytics and recommendation engines, and engaging in the research and development of natural language processing and generative AI.
In 2023, he joined Plus W, where he worked on development projects using OpenAI, serving as the lead engineer. From August 2023, he took on the role of director at the Japanese-Pakistani Talent Exchange Center established within the campus of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Pakistan. He is spearheading the promotion of global business initiatives.

Hafiz Muhammad Umair Munir

Chief Consultant of Global Business Department
Vice Head of Pakistan Japan Centre

Hafiz Muhammad Umair Munir

After graduating as the valedictorian from the master's program in Mechanical Engineering at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), he studied abroad in Japan. He attended the graduate school of Tokai University and gained experience as an IT engineer in companies within Japan.
In April 2022, he returned to Pakistan and worked tirelessly to establish the Japan-Pakistan Talent Exchange Center at his alma mater, NUST. After its establishment, he served as a chief consultant, broadly responsible for recruiting support for Pakistani IT talents and serving as a lecturer in advanced technology fields in the donation lecture business conducted by the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS).
From May 2023, he served as the deputy director of the center, leading alliances not only in Islamabad but also with universities, companies, and government institutions in Pakistani cities such as Karachi and Lahore. He is actively promoting business and cultural exchanges between Japan and Pakistan.