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Domestic Business

Many companies are already facing the challenge of labor shortage due to declining birthrate and aging population. Although the number of workers is expected to decrease further in the future, it is difficult to find a solution to this problem. The wave of digital transformation in the corona pandemic has triggered a major change in the way we work. However, looking at each business, we feel that more concrete implementation of measures is needed. In particular, the personnel mobility between large companies and venture business is low. Although they try to change in their own closed environment, this is a factor that makes Japan lag far behind compared to the rest of the world.

Therefore, Plus W is committed to go beyond such invisible borderlines or the history and culture of businesses. We are serious about creating opportunities, even just one more, to maximize the "power of people" to solve problems that really need to be solved. Even though DX is accelerating, and the era is changing rapidly and drastically, humans will always be at the center of the digital world. Through our services, we hope to truly transform the way people work in Japan so that professional human resources can work organically throughout Japan.

Introducing Second-Job / Parallel-Work Personnel

A large number of professionals are registered with Plus W who regard the main job and another job equally important and see them as parallel work. Regardless of work hours, they contribute their best performance to each company. We can propose candidates with rich experiences and resources to meet the challenges facing your company based on your needs. These workers are in diverse industries, occupations and careers and have proven record of success in many fields. We first listen to comprehend your challenges and then, utilizing Plus W's unique network, we will introduce appropriate candidates along with how to work with them.

Introducing / Dispatching Full-time employee

In addition to second-job and parallel-work personnel, Plus W also focuses on recruiting and dispatching full-time personnel. We provide opportunities to be involved in problem solving in new companies for professionals who are currently working in a variety of businesses or who have their own businesses to use their capabilities.

Agile Development Services

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The “Agile Approach” is said to be compulsory for the survival and growth of companies. Agile is generally used in software development, however, Plus W feels that agile is also essential for corporate management, and that without the flexibility to adapt to changing times, business survival and growth will not be possible. We will provide agile-related services to support your organization in multiple fronts.

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Human Resources and Organization Consulting Services

We support business managers and CEOs in resolving issues related to human resources and organization structures. Based on the belief that business success is achieved through the growth of individuals and organizations, Plus W provides diagnosis of human resources and organizational using aptitude tests, consultation on hiring, training, and personnel system design, and career consulting and coaching for your employees.