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Offshore Development

Digital transformation is accelerating these days, and our domestic hiring competition for engineers is intensifying. The shortage of Japanese engineers is already so serious that programming outsourcing to Asian countries is becoming mainstream lately. Plus W has been building its own network mainly in Pakistan where many advanced IT talents are found. Depending on your request, we assist you in a laboratory-style arrangement, building your special team with a number of engineers with needed skills for your specifications for a duration best fit your condition.


Do you have these concerns?

  • Struggling to find domestic engineers
  • Staffing budget is tight
  • Not sure if we can manage engineers from other countries


Features of Plus W’s Offshore Development

  • Manages development with AI, data science and other latest IT technology
  • A bilingual project manager (bridge SE) can be assigned at the same time
  • In collaboration with Pakistan’s top university (NUST), talented IT engineers can be assigned

The flow until the start of Offshore Development

Step 1.Hearing Your Needs and Challenges

We will listen to the details of your challenges in app/system development and current situation. Let us know your specific concerns in a wide range.

Step 2.Organizing the Given Data and Proposal

We will organize the data from the hearing and propose a solution for the appropriate staffing of the programming team. We will keep discussing based on the proposal for the best developing system.

Step 3.Starting Offshore Development

If you agree with our proposal, we will work on the estimate, contract, and other preparations. As soon as the preparations are finished, we will start the development.