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November 14, 2023

1 Day Workshop for Computer Science Department at University of Engineering and Technology for Job Opportunities in Japan

On November 14th 2023 (Tuesday), Plus W organized a 1 day workshop for the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology at the University of Engineering Technology (UET), Lahore. This event, part of UET's ongoing commitment to fostering technological expertise, was aimed at introducing students to advanced IT technologies and potential job opportunities in Japanese organizations.

Mr. Shiono and Mr. Talha with the students of the Computer Sciences Department of UET.

The event featured key presenters from Plus W: Mr. Hiroyuki Shiono, Head of Pakistan Japan Centre, and Mr. Talha, an Associate. Their presentations were not only informative but also inspirational, offering students a window into the world of cutting-edge technologies utilized by leading Japanese companies. Mr. Shiono, with his unique experience as a Tech Lead in AI research and development, particularly involving collaboration with Pakistani counterparts, provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology.

Approximately 40 students attended the workshop, reflecting a growing interest in international technology careers among Pakistani youth. The interaction was vibrant and thought-provoking, with numerous questions raised about job opportunities in Japan and the specific IT technologies sought after by Japanese companies.

The success of the event marks the beginning of a strengthened relationship between UET and Plus W. This partnership is set to expand, involving other universities across Pakistan, and aims to broaden the horizons for Pakistani IT professionals. It also opens doors for Pakistani IT companies to play more active roles in Japanese enterprises, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, based on the selection by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) for the “New Business Creation Promotion Support Project in Emerging DX Countries”, this initiative is being implemented as part of a demonstration for the development of advanced IT professionals, with a focus on IT, Japanese language and culture, in the field of human resource development of Pakistan, as well as to promote their matching with Japanese companies.

Overview of UET

Year of establishment: Established in 1921
Headquarters: G.T Road, Staff Houses Engineering University Lahore, Lahore, Punjab 39161
Vice President: Vice President Syed Mansoor Sawar
Number of Students: Approximately 11,000
Number of faculty and researchers: Approximately 900
URL: https://uet.edu.pk/