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Dispatching & Introducing Human Resources

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As technology advances rapidly, the importance of digital transformation in Japanese businesses are talked about, although the shortage of domestic IT engineers is worsening each year. Out of that deepening problem, a movement is rising to not only hasten the training of IT human resources but also hire work-ready talents from overseas and utilize global IT workers.

Even though excellent IT engineers are all over the world, it was Pakistan that Plus W first paid attention to. Pakistan boasts the world’s 5th largest population, hosting more than 300,000 IT human resources who speak English as an official language. With 25,000 IT graduates trained each year, Pakistan is one of the major technology giants in Southern Asia.

Plus W is building its own network by collaborating with Pakistani government, Pakistan’s top university, National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) and partners in Pakistan. Currently, more than 3,000 advanced IT engineers are registered with us who are willing to work in Japanese businesses.

Our Strength

  • In collaboration with Pakistani businesses, we assist offshore development
  • Our Pakistani staff supports workers with care before and after arriving in Japan
  • Our staff, experienced in hiring of IT personnel, will interview each worker and support hiring
  • After hiring, we will provide knowhow on worker management and support utilizing the human resource

The Flow of the Introduction and Dispatch of Pakistani Advanced IT Engineers

Step 1.Inquiry

We will have a hearing with you about your background and business content and discuss the schedule, cost, and needed human resources for your development. Our staff, experienced in human resources, human resource business partners and developmental project management, will propose the best plan for your team composition.

Step 2.Introducing Candidates

Based on the discussion with you, we will propose candidates from our human resource database. After selecting some from written information, we will design the selection flow with online interviews, online coding tests, etc. according to your request.

Step 3.Contract

You and Plus W will have a contract all in Japanese. Whether the engineer will stay in Pakistan and work remotely or he/she will come to Japan and work with you will be decided according to your desire and the engineer’s preference.

Step 4.Support at the Start

So that the engineer can adjust to your work environment as soon as possible, our staff will conduct regular follow-up interviews. If the engineer is coming to Japan, we will also help with obtaining a visa.

Step 5.Review

We will conduct regular review of projects to monitor the progress. If necessary, we will propose a communication plan on follow-up and feed back to your members.

Meet Our Registered Human Resource

Here are a few of more than 3,000 Pakistani advanced IT engineers registered with us:

File. 1:Naufil Hassan

Occupation Data scientist
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Career Kaggle Grandmaster from Pakistan selected Naufil as one of the top 30 data scientists in Pakistan. He works at the top IT company in Pakistan and designed from scratch and developed a customer behavior analysis and sales prediction engine for retail stores.
Skills • Python, handling and analysis of chronological data and visual data
Awards • Attended a 24-hour hackathon sponsored by Careem NOW (Pakistan’s service company similar to Uber Eats) with two other teammates and won. They designed a food-recommending system and turned it into a prototype.

• In the senior year in college, he attended Shell Eco Marathon 2017 in Singapore sponsored by Shell and backed by Toyota as one of the team members representing Pakistan, ranked 6th in the electric car category and received the best car design award.

• Nominated as one of Pakistan’s Top 30 Data Scientists by Zeeshan Usman, Kaggle’s Grandmaster.

File. 2:Iqra Javed

Occupation Software engineer
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Career Iqra received her master’s degree in electronic engineering at LUMS, a prominent university in Pakistan. She graduated as a top student in her department and in the mater’s program, receiving a scholarship. After graduation, she developed server security, etc. at a foreign IT company.
Skills • C, C++, Python, and MATLAB
Awards • 2017 Bachelor’s degree from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore: Gold Medal (awarded to the top student at graduation)

• 2019 Bachelor’s degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences: Dean’s Honor Role (awarded to excellent student)